• Author:John Ray

PFAS litigation settlements are expected to exceed $1 trillion dollars. This will be the largest Plaintiffs litigation in history.

Allowing other firms to be in complete control of your destiny in this litigation is simply unacceptable.

Knowledge = Power    Power = Control

The goal of our PFAS Summits it to provide all the information your firm will need to identify, pursue and litigate PFAS cases of all types, in specific PFAS case clusters.

Other conferences will give you enough information to get excited about PFAS litigation, but not enough information to get started without needing to refer all your cases to other firms.

Our summits hold nothing back, we are teaching everything you need to know to allow you to make an informed decision as to whether you need to refer your cases, bring in other firms to help you litigate cases in a case cluster you have identified, or handle the cases in house.

Register and book your room for PFAS Summit III

PFAS Summit Registration - Click here

Room block : https://bookings.travelclick.com/15542?groupID=4275746#/guestsandrooms

PFAS Summit III will begin with an opening reception on Friday June 28. Sessions will begin Saturday June 29th from 9 AM -5 PM, then we will all have dinner together. We will resume on Sunday the June 30th at 9 AM and wrap up by 5 PM. Summit III will be at the Riverside Hotel on historic Los Olas Avenue in Fort Lauderdale.


If you did not attend Summits I and II, we will send you links to recap videos before you attend Summit III. In PFAS Summit III we will discuss more advanced topics that were covered in Summits I and II.

  1. We will begin buy covering State and Federal Actions that have occurred since PFAS Summit II, which will be highly impactful for Plaintiffs.
  2. We will cover” MISTAKES TO AVOID!”. Big opportunities come with the opportunity to make big mistakes.
  3. We will address the elements of evidence you need to have in place before filing your first case in a specific PFAS case cluster.
  4. We will provide information and tools that will allow you to establish each of these elements for a specific PFAS case cluster.
  5. How to define your georgical area for a specific case cluster so you know where to market for clients relevant to a specific cluster and defendant cluster group.
  6. We will also do a deeper dive into identifying defendants specific to a PFAS case cluster. This is an area that is ripe for mistakes.
    1. We will discuss the way you identify defendants which you can be highly certain used and discharged PFAS, in large volume, into water to which your specific plaintiff was exposed.
    2. We will cover the important hydrological topics you will need to understand to insure you do not name a defendant that could not have contributed to the contamination of a specific water source, even though the facility that discharged was in the same town as your plaintiff and your plaintiffs water provider.
    3. The specific discovery you will need to propound ( interrogatories, requests to admit and requests to produce etc.) on each defendant.
  7. How the process for identifying defendant differs when a specific water provider took water from ground water vs surface water or both.
  8. We will also cover the impact on defendant identification present when aqueducts are part of the equation. This is a very important topic if you plan on pursuing cases in the Western United States and particularly California.

You owe it to yourself to take control of your PFAS Litigation Destiny! Register for PFAS Summit III today!

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